We are the official online reseller of the most famous sex doll brands, offering a wide range of real sex dolls to satisfy different sexual fantasies, not only for men but also for women.

Here, we collect the top-selling realistic love dolls of the year. All of them are built with medical-grade TPE or silicone material. They are super realistic in terms of both visual sense and touch feeling.

Being in the industry for over 5 years, we know many renowned love doll brands and manufacturers well. We work with them directly and have a good relationship with doll suppliers. Each doll is 100% inspected before the shipment to make sure they are flawless.

After you purchase with us, we will keep you posted by email on the progress of the doll. We include free gifts like a vaginal irrigator, wig, comb, soft blanket, and sexy lingerie with the doll as well as a guide booklet. The sex doll is delivered to you in a discreet package. No product label on the carton. We promise your privacy is our main concern. We provide free worldwide shipping by famous international shipping companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and so on.

1. What Are Sex Dolls? 

What is a sex doll? Like the literal meaning you see, it is a doll used for sex, although the sex doll is not only used for sex. In terms of a formal definition, Sex dolls are the type of sex toys that are designed with the size and shape of a sexual partner. They are created to aid you in your solo session or when you masturbate.

Sex doll has a long history. But here what Amodoll sells is modern sex dolls, which are made from high-quality TPE or silicone materials. A sex doll consists of an entire body with a face, or just a head, pelvis, or other partial bodies with accessories (vagina, anus, mouth, penis) for sexual stimulation. They are super realistic with a lifelike touch feeling. 

2. What Are The Benefits To Have A Sex Doll? 

1) A sex doll is a safe way to release your sex urges no matter you are single or married. Even if you are married, sometimes your partner is not convenient to have sex with, the sex doll is a good manner for you to satiate your sexual needs. 

2) Sex dolls are ready for you whenever and wherever you want. She never says no to you and will not get pregnant. They can pose many sex positions like real women. And their vaginal, oral, and anal cavities feel very realistic. The touch feeling of their skin texture is quite lifelike as well. 

3) A sex doll is can fulfill your fetish. There are many types of sex dolls, big boobs, small tits, black skin, or even blue skin, wide hips, you can select what you like. 

4) Owning a doll is like having a companion who will always be there for you. Sex dolls can be a great remedy for loneliness too. Many men are not good at handling relationships with females. Buying a sex doll will eliminate your fear. 

3. How Much Is A Sex Doll? 

The sex doll price is affected by the materials and the height or the body type. 

1. $400-$600: Most mini sex dolls are in this price range, especially petite love dolls in the height around 65cm. They are small and cheap. 

2. $800-$1000: This price category consists of TPE real dolls from 100-125cm. Though these dolls are still not life-sized, they are featured with oral, vaginal, and anal sex. 

3. $1000-$2000: Within this price range, the love dolls are nearly life-sized. They look like a real human and with more body types. 

4. $2000+: Sex dolls with a price of more than USD2000 are most possibly in silicone materials completely or silicone head + TPE body. 

Amodoll has a full collection of real sex dolls under these various choices. You can check out here to select your favorite one. 

4. How To Have Sex With An Adult Doll? 

How to use a sex doll? How to have sex with sex dolls? These are questions we are often asked. 

a. Foreplay practices with your love doll. To initiate your sex desires, you can play all sex foreplay with your sex doll. And you can also watch porn movies to arouse your mood. 

b. Use good lubricants to lubricate your sex doll for a smooth and satisfying sex experience. Please use water-based lubricants. 

c. You can have oral, vaginal, and anal sex with your sex doll. All of them will offer you an amazing sex experience. Try and enjoy them. 

d. Each lifelike doll comes with delicate skin, a realistic feeling, and a durable built-in skeleton. To ensure her longevity, please don't over-bend or stretch her excessively, be gentle to her. 

5. How To Choose Between TPE And Silicone Sex Dolls?

TPE and silicone are the two main materials for making realistic love dolls. TPE VS silicone, which one is better? Whether to choose TPE or silicone love dolls? Sometimes customers struggle to make a choice. Actually, both materials have their own cons and pros. 

TPE Sex Doll PROS:

1. TPE doll is much cheaper than silicone love doll in the same sizes. So more sex dolls in the market are made from TPE material. 

2. TPE adult doll is soft and elastic, providing an amazing touch feeling, like a real woman. 

3. Sex dolls in TPE material can retain warmth for a long period. It makes you feel like holding a real woman. 

TPE Love Doll CONS

1. TPE material is porous, so TPE love dolls may be stained easily and difficult to remove. Please don't put dark clothes on her. And clean them immediately after you use them every time. 

2. TPE material is not resistant to heat. Keep your dolls away from any source of heat. 

Silicone Real Doll Advantages:

1. Silicone doll has a better realistic appearance than TPE love doll. And they can maintain the body shape better. 

2. Silicone love doll is convenient to clean, and not stained easily. Less maintenance is acceptable for silicone dolls. 

3. Realistic dolls in silicone materials are more tolerant of heat. You can have a warm bath with silicone sex dolls if you like. 

Disadvantages of the silicone love doll

1. The real love dolls made from silicone materials are very expensive. The price of silicone dolls ranges from USD2000 depending on doll sizes, while TPE dolls are usually from USD500-USD1999. 

2. Silicone material is harder than TPE, the touch feeling is not as realistic as TPE love dolls. 

3. Sex dolls produced with silicone material is not as flexible as TPE dolls. They are stiff and rigid, you may not be able to move some parts of your doll the way you want. 

6. Sex Doll Shipping Information 

Amodoll provides free worldwide delivery and discreet shipping to our customers. Below detailed information for your reference:

Shipping time:

--It takes 3 working days to manufacture your doll. 

--7-15 days for shipping time (depending on your location) 

We will keep you posted on your doll's progress. And after we ship the doll, we will provide the tracking number for you to trace your shipment. 

Can we ship to your country? 

We ship worldwide except:

1. No delivery to Islamic Countries

2. Not allowed by India and Middle East Customs

3. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico are not allowed

4. Dolls under 148cm are not allowed by Australia 

Sex doll shipping companies 

We use reliable international shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, Or TNT to deliver your dolls. Once the doll is shipped, you will receive a tracking number to check the estimated arrival date. 

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