1. How long does a doll last? 

Both TPE and silicone sex dolls can last for years as long as you use and maintain them in the right way. 

2. How to choose a sex doll? 

Once you decide to buy a sex doll, you have to ask yourself how much you would like to spend on a sex doll. The sex doll prices range from USD500-USD2000+. If you would like to spend USD2000 or more, of course we suggest silicone love dolls to you. Otherwise, you can choose TPE sex dolls. 

Then you can start to proceed to choose the body and face. There are various of body types like flat chested, BBW, Big Boobs, Anime sex dolls and bodies in different heights. Search love dolls by the categories shown on our website. 

Then decide the faces you prefer. We have a lot of doll faces in each collection. You can go through them and find the one you like. We understand that sometimes it's hard to select when there are so many choices. Normally the doll face who catch your eyes at the first glance seems to be the priority. 

3. Will my doll look like the same as the pictures shown on the website? 

Yes. The doll is the same as the pictures we shown. But our pictures only shows one aspects, if you select different customization options, she may look slightly different. The clothes and accessories for dolls in pictures are not included. We will provide a sexy lingerie with the doll. 

4. Can I make my own custom doll? 

Yes, you can customize a doll according to the options we provide like eyes, skin tone, vagina and so on. 

We can even build a doll according to your images. She/he is unique, for you only. You can contact us by email: [email protected] for quotation and the details discussion. 

5. How to order my sex doll? 

1) Select the doll you like and review the descriptions for the doll. 

2) Select the available custom options that you prefer 

3) Click "Add to cart" button and "Proceed to checkout". Then you can see your final order. You can enter your coupon code if you have. 

4) Fill the information on the website then please choose your payment method 

5) You can click ”Proceed to PayPal’ button, or select another credit card option.

6) Once you finish the payment process, now the purchase is finished. 

6. How long does it take to receive my doll? 

1) Your doll will be finished within 3 days, we will send photos to you once she is ready. The custom dolls needs more time, maybe one month. We will keep you posted for the progress. 

2) Once the doll is shipped, we will advise you the tracking number so that you can trace your shipment at any time. The shipping takes 7-15 days to arrive you depending on where you are located. 

7. Is shipping free of charge? 

Yes, we provide world-wide free shipping to our customers. No hide fees, what you paid is the final price. Duties and taxes are subject to customs controls and may vary according to the laws of the country we ship to.

8. Can you ship to my country? 

We ship to customer all over the world. But some countries has restrictions for importing sex doll. Please check below information before you make a purchase. 

1) No delivery to Islamic Countries; 

2. Sex dolls are not allowed by India and Middle East Customs

3. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico are not allowed

4. Dolls under 148cm are not allowed by Australia 

9. Can I use lubricant when I use my doll?  

Yes, we recommend you to use lube when you use your doll especially the first time. The lubricant helps to smoothen your penetration and avoid the potential injury. 

And it's important to remember that water-based lubricants are the ideal lubricant you should use for sex dolls. Water-based lubes are easy to clean without staining on your sheets, clothes or furniture. What's more, they are no harm to your doll. Some people also suggest to use Vaseline or baby oil for lube alternatives. Yes, they are ok. But for better maintenance, we highly suggest you use water-based lubes. 

Please DO NOT use silicone based lubes for your doll. 

10. Can I warm up my sex doll? 

Yes, you can warm up the doll with the vaginal heating rod that comes with the doll. And you can also wrap her with the electric blanket to warm her. But please don't overheat her as TPE is sensitive to 40 centigrade degree and above. 

11. What will come with my doll? What's in the package? 

When you receive your doll, there are some free gifts included in the package: instruction manual, wig, comb, vaginal irrigator, a soft blanket and a sexy lingerie. 

12. Can I cancel my order? 

Yes, you can. Please send email to [email protected] as soon as possible once you decide to cancel it, no later than 24 hours. As after 24 hours we have started the doll manufacturing process. Thanks for your understanding. 

Note: The custom order CANNOT be cancelled at any time as the doll is made according to your specifications. 

Do you have any questions about sex dolls? We have collected a list of frequently asked questions and answers here. You can check to get the information you want. If any of your questions are not in the list, please contact us by email [email protected]. We will come back to you with 12 hours. 

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