What is a sex doll?

What is a sex doll?

What is a sex doll? Where and how did sex dolls come up? It is quite an interesting question that many of us ask. Sex dolls' use did not start yesterday, but back in the sixteenth century. Back then, it was the Spanish and French sailors who were using them as they could stay longer in their voyage far from their women.


They made these dolls mainly from old clothes and sewn cloth and used them for masturbation.  Later, within the  Rangaku period, the Dutch people sold some of these dolls to the Japanese, who named them ‘Dutch wives.’


Today, however, the new technology and materials have made far much-improved sex doll models. What we have now are realistic/ lifelike sex dolls, those with features and performances not far from those of real humans. They are now the TPE and Silicone types available in various sub-categories defined by their overall appearances like heights, body shapes and so on. With a built-in metal skeleton inside the body, the real dolls can posture in different positions like real women.


Most people use these lifelike sex doll toys for masturbation mainly, although some people use them for photography as well, and some use them for companionship too.


No matter what you buy the dolls for, after you purchase them, they will be a part of your life. They will please you mentally and physically. One investment, the pleasure will last you for a lifetime.

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